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2018 Midwest Auto Body Trade Show

Welcome to the
2018 Midwest Auto Body Trade Show


Featuring Todd Tracy,

the Texas Attorney who won the Lawsuit due to improper repairs.


“ A Texas jury has awarded a couple $42 million for a fiery crash that the couple blamed in part on the improper replacement of the used car’s roof using adhesive rather than welding.” Davie Hinshaw The Charlotte Observer file

That Is 42 million reasons to fill the Midwest Auto Body Trade Show


We want to thank you for participation in this great regional show and look forward to working with you to make it even better in 2018!

We anticipate greater crowds this year and with your assistance and enthusiasm we will exceed expectations!

Remember – 42 Million Reasons

Vendor Registration is OPEN:

See 2018 Booth Registration Information below

Attendee Registration is OPEN:

Midwest is Shaking It Up in 2018

  • Texas Attorney Todd Tracy who won the $42M lawsuit due to improper repairs, and Keynote Speaker for this years event
  • Trade Show Open Friday and Saturday (Set Up Friday Morning – Tear Down Saturday Evening)
  • Collision Repair Education Foundation Bringing Students in Friday For The Show
  • Collision repairers to meet students and potential hiring opportunities – show them a bright future
  • “There Is No Free Lunch” is no more. Hot Dog Stands In Trade Show – Working Lunch (still not free)
  • More Educational Break Out Sessions Focused on: Proper Repairs, Liability In Your Shop, Calibration Hands On Demonstration AND MORE
  • Community College Refinish Contest


Prairie Meadows
1 Prairie Meadows Drive
Altoona, IA 50009

~Trade Show Rate $109.00~

~ Group Code02052018MID ~

February 16 & 17, 2018 

Feb 16:
Exhibit and Tradeshow Hours: 12:00pm – 3:00pm 
Welcome Party in Trade Show: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Feb 17:
Exhibit and Trade Show Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm




Iowa Scan Updates

It is safe to say that our industry is in a time of challenging transition.    It is difficult to define next moves to do the right thing.  There is one definite that we all are aware of : many times  new vehicles need a  pre and post scan  and re- calibration to facilitate a safe repair. We have more questions than answers at this time.

A Step In The Right Direction

ICRA Member Precision Collision in Manchester, Iowa  is doing the right thing for his customers.    They were in a disagreement with IMT Insurance regarding payment of this new process.   The discussion was at an impasse.  The ICRA found out about this situation through a detailed story in Repairer Drive News, the Society of Collision Repair Specialist daily news feed. 

We contacted Mark Jaeger and Jeff Domeyer at Precision Collision and talked about next steps.  Scott Wieser, ICRA Government Affairs, became very involved with this story.     Weiser met with the Iowa Department of Insurance and was told they could not act on this.   (We hear that often from them) At that time, Scott called Jim Todd, Claims Manager at IMT Insurance and requested a meeting.  

Mr. Todd was very receptive and the meeting was set up with IMT and the Iowa Collision Repair Association.    This was the second industry meeting as they had already met with Precision Collision.

It was a candid meeting with honest discussion regarding the challenges that this entire industry faces. The end result is we will continue dialog with IMT Insurance and on June 1st, IMT issued an updated memo regarding their policy on “Vehicle Health Diagnostic Scans For Collision Repairs”.  

thumbnail of 06.01.17 Memo to Shops RE Vehicle Health Diagnostic Scans
 Click here to download Memo

This is moving forward.  It isn’t exactly what shops may be looking for, however, it is progress. We thank IMT Insurance for the meeting and the opening to continue dialog.

What is apparent is the near future is a BIG Challenge and question mark for collision repairers, consumers and the insurance industry.   There is NO easy answer.  However, there is no debate about what needs to be done.  These cars HAVE to be diagnosed and repaired properly.   We will continue to work through these issues one at a time.  The ICRA is looking forward to becoming more engaged with this process and meet with more insurance companies. BIG topics we need to pay attention to: Repairer Recommended Procedures, OE Position Statements, Scan, Calibration,  New Materials, New Equipment  OE Parts , Used and A/M parts  and so much more. 

If you have something to say, or want to be involved  -CALL. Don’t be alone out there.

Please contact Janet Chaney  cell 480-720-2565  email: janet_chaney@iowacra.com

  Here are  some relevant important tools  to use in your daily business.

·      OEM 1 stop     Manufacturer Recommended Repair Procedures  and Current Position Statemen



·       Mitchell Clarifies Labor Hour Times for Diagnostic Scanning

Fender Bender Story Here

DEG – Database Enhancement Gateway  – File an inquiry for database resolution

Mike Anderson – Collision Advice  pre and post – repair diagnostic – work authorization

2017 Moving Very Fast

ICRA Update


“If ever there was a time to join an association   –  it is RIGHT NOW!”

The rate of change and challenge is impossible to manage alone .

Help Us Help You ~ Let’s Help Each Other: http://iowacra.com/icra-2017-membership-association-bigger-better-ever/

If you are not a member, or have not paid your dues for 2017.   Please join  on the Join Now membership tab or send in application: http://www.iowacra.com/membership

Golf Tournament

Iowa Collision Industry Golf Tournament

August  18

Riverside Golf and Casino

Sign Up for Golf Tournament:   http://iowacra.com/golf-outing/

Sign Up Hole Sponsorships  https://iowacra.com/golf-outing-sponsorship/

Fall Meeting

ICRA Annual Dinner Meeting

“Connected Cars – Electronics – Scan”

October  22nd

Prairie Meadows

Midwest Auto Body Trade Show

February 3 and 4th

More Education

More Booths

More Fun

Trade Show Questions: Janet Chaney  480-720-2565


If you want to be more involved with the ICRA  please email : janet_chaney@iowacra.com

It Is Your Industry  And  We Cannot  Wait Any Longer To Be Strong Together


Opportunity  awaits in this industry and the Midwest Show is bringing it to you.   

The 7th Annual Midwest Auto Body Trade Show, February 3rd and 4th welcomes the Collision Repair Industry Education Foundation Student Education Day Friday.     The mission of this foundation is to :“Support collision repair educational programs, schools, and students to create qualified, entry-level employees and connect them with an array of career opportunities.”   The Midwest Auto Body Trade Show is honored to host the Foundation and students and looks forward to meeting the future of our industry.

Join Us Free Education  – Free Trade Show   ‘but remember’  “There Is No Free Lunch      $50.00

Friday, February 3rd

              Collision Repair Education Foundation Student Education Day    

  • 1:00 – 2:30 “OE Repair Recommendations, Certifications, Proper Equipment”
  • What Is Right For You”

o   Lou DiLisio will moderate a panel of industry experts coming to Iowa.

  • 2:30 – 5:30 Lee Rush “Blue Printing -Better Cycle Time -More Profitable Estimates”
  • 6:00 – 9:00       Welcome Reception – In The Trade Show

o    Enjoy Your Industry

  • Hors-d’oeuvres~no-host bar

Saturday, February 4th   

  • 8:00 – 9:00 Greg Borst  “Nitrogen Plastic Welding Update”
  • 9:00 – 11:30 Scott Schuerman  I-CAR “Aluminum Exterior Panel and Replacement”
  • 8:00 – 9:30 Mark Claypool  Social Media “Grow Your Business the 21st Century Way”
  • 9: 45 – 11:30 Tom McGee  “What The Collision Industry Needs To Know”
  • 11:30 – 1:30 “There Is No Free Lunch” – price is $50.00
  • Meet Iowa Legislators – Learn what ICRA is doing at the Capital
  • Meet Noted Industry Journalist John Yoswick
  • “A journalist’s perspective”
  • Lee Rush “Pave Your Way To A Profitable Future”
  • 1:30- 7:00        MIDWEST AUTO BODY TRADE SHOW

o   70 Display booths

  • Product demonstrations
  • Show Specials
  • Virtual Painting
  • Door Prizes
  • Community College Refinish Contest
  • New Car Models
Iowa Collision Repair Association
114 NW 5th St, Ste 201
Ankeny, IA 50023-1742