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ICRA 2017 Membership – Association Bigger and Better Than Ever

• Association dues are NOT an expense – They are an INVESTMENT in Your Future.  • The time you spend at association meetings is an INVESTMENT in Your Future. • 85% of economic business failures were not affiliated or members of a trade association.

“Shop owners join an association for different reasons. They stay because of value. They may not be active, may not attend events scheduled, but if they experience and identify value for this industry and their business then they stay and become your greatest supporters.. Value is not only what you send them or provide and even offer, its also that their voice is being heard in decision-making activities that reflect on their businesses and future and that they can be involved but at least know on an ongoing basis what is beneficially occurring.  In fact, we don’t always reap an ‘immediate’ reward; most times it presents itself later on down the line when I’m least expecting it. But I believe joining a   good assocation is key to keeping your name alive.” Anonymous shop owner
None of us is as strong as all of us!


  • ICRA members along with our lobbyist Scott Weiser were instrumental in the passing of the Paint & Materials Tax bill signed into law in 2012.  2015, ICRA also passed the  Counterfeit Air Bag law in Iowa.  ICRA was the first state to pass this important law.
    •   ICRA continues to have a strong presence at the capital.
  • Established The Midwest Auto Body Tradeshow in 2010, which is an annual event where  manufacturers, suppliers, shop owners, techs, vocational students and instructors all come together to “Educate, Inform, and Represent Collision Repair Professionals” at this two day event.    2017 –   February 3rd and 4th 
  • ICRA 2017 Legislation  –  Consumer Protection
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