Welcome to the Official Website of the Iowa Collision Repair Association!

What’s Our Mission?

The collision repair industry has always been dynamic and challenging. But change in today’s collision repair industry is taking place at an unprecedented rate. It’s impacting Iowa’s collision repairers on every level – from technology to the regulatory environment.

That’s where the Iowa Collision Repair Association (ICRA) comes in. A not-for-profit trade association, our mission is to be a strong force acting on behalf of Iowa’s collision repairers, keeping them on the the cutting edge of technology as well as legislative, economic & regulatory factors affecting their businesses.

Mission Statement

The Iowa Collision Repair Association is committed to the future of the collision repair industry: to provide the leadership needed; raise the professional image of the individual and the industry; and develop new leaders to carry forward. Our goal is to educate, inform, and represent the Collision Repair Professional in all aspects of the industry.

How We Started

In 2005, a small group of dedicated collision industry professionals in Iowa had an idea: to put aside what divided them as competitors, and focus instead on what united them as fellow members of Iowa’s collision repair industry. Since then, the Iowa Collision Repair Association (ICRA) has evolved from an idea into a thriving, relevant trade association 80+ members strong.

ICRA is proud of the achievements we’ve made on behalf of our membership. In 2013, we were instrumental in helping legislators pass the Sales Tax Bill. This bill saves Iowa’s collision repairers significantly by eliminating a 1938 rule which had prevented repair shops getting reimbursed for sales tax on paint & other materials.

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