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Doing The ‘Right Thing’

 Well the day has finally come. After pushing the owner of the dealership I work at to do the right thing, buy the right tools, and take the right stance, he has decided that instead of heeding my advice he’d rather bring someone else in that will cobble, chop, and bend over.
Not sure what the future holds yet but I know for me it’s onward and upward and for them the day will come when they wish they would have listened.”

Wow, this is a post from one of the many industry facebook pages that are buzzing around our peers.    It is a bittersweet message.    This person’s name will stay anonymous, however, he is to be admired and we hope he continues to climb that ladder towards  the ‘right thing’.

For those of you working hard to do the right thing, we applaud you as industry leaders.   At the Midwest Auto Body Trade Show, we talked about the complexity of our future and the innovation and determination it is going to take to prevail.      Mark Olson, Vehicle Collision Experts,  presentation at the Midwest asked everyone to focus on ’10 Step Process’ and the ‘Canary In The Coal Mine’.  

Here is the link to Mark Olson’s presentation that he is generously sharing with the Midwest Collision Industry.  If we generate enough interest we will bring Mark back to Iowa this summer for a full day of education. 

   Please stay in touch with the ICRA ,  email janet_chaney@iowacra.com.

Mark Olson Presentation – 10 Things




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