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Letter  To The Industry

The Iowa Collision Repair Association continues to represent and support the best interests of the Iowa collision industry.  The work that is always going on, sometimes behind the scenes, by this association has a positive impact for every collision repairer in the state.  Thank you for those that continue to be members and support these important  efforts.     The industry needs your support.   With  the consistent efforts of our hard working Board of Directors, the ICRA  will continue to bring these benefits to you:   *Ongoing legislative representation * Meetings with the Iowa Department of Insurance * Meetings with the Iowa Attorney General * Midwest Auto Body Trade Show and Education Days * Meetings and Educational Seminars * Estimating Roundtables  and the place where you will interact, create meaningful  and lasting relationships and be an integral part of your collision repair community.   

 2019 will be an important year.  This is a group dedicated to your success.    If you have questions and want to participate more with the ICRA, please call Janet Chaney   480-720-2565.  Your feedback and participation is very important.  

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