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  • Midwest Auto Body Trade Show 2018


"The Iowa Collision Repair Association is committed to the future of the collision repair industry: to provide the leadership needed; raise the professional image of the individual and the industry; and develop new leaders to carry forward. Our goal is to educate, inform, and represent the Collision Repair Professional in all aspects of the industry."


THE ICRA WEBSITE WILL BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION SOON!   We look forward to a functional website by July…. June – ICRA Iowa State Tour , Sioux City, Des Moines, Davenport August 15th – ICRA World Famous Golf Tournament Riverside Country Club October ICRA Fall Dinner Meetings Exciting Industry Updates Tim Ronak, Akzo Nobel October 9- Iowa City October 10- Sioux City February 2020 Midwest Auto Body Trade Show FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL…Continue Reading

Please Join Us in The ICRA

The definition of an association is: A group of people organized for a joint purpose. Moving forward in this uncharted future, we can be stronger individually if we are stronger as an industry and ‘ associated’ - working towards a more successful joint purpose. You are not alone- or ‘the only one’ as you may hear some days. Some days we do feel like we are the only one facing all the challenges. Well , let’s be honest - facing all the fights that you have to deal with every day.
Please join this industry association and be part of the solution.

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