As one of Iowa’s most heavily regulated industries, the men and women of the Iowa Collision Repair Association must have a strong presence at the Capitol in Des Moines.  In recent years, our members have been active in eliminating an unfair tax on supplies used in auto repair and taken the lead in spotlighting deficient air bags. We have led the change to get more cars repaired by raising the definition of a “totaled” vehicle from 50% to 70%, effective July 1, 2021.    Now that’s value for your membership dues!  Check out the letter and new law here.

Collision repair lobbying for Iowa
Scott Weiser
Capitol Strategies Group, Inc.
ICRA’s Lobbyist

A successful program at the statehouse requires knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers as well as a constant presence at the meetings and activities where decisions are made that impact our businesses and our lives.  To accomplish our goals, ICRA works with Capitol Strategies Group, Inc., and its President Scott Weiser.  Scott is a seasoned and respected lobbyist with deep ties to leaders and key business organizations.  His job is to review every bill and amendment that may impact the collision repair business and then to advocate for our concerns.

In 2020, ICRA will be pushing hard to enact the new “totaled” vehicle legislation, guarding against new regulation and making sure that any tax bill that may be offered is fair to members.

Working together, we can get the action that our members need.





ICRA collision repair lobbying
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